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Machine Vision Software and Libraries

Zebra is now a leading provider of user-friendly machine vision software for industrial image analysis. Our comprehensive Zebra Aurora Vision™ for OEM software portfolio helps you easily create custom machine vision applications.

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Zebra Aurora Vision™ 5.4 is available now!

The new 5.4 version of Zebra Aurora Vision™ software suite is available now! You can check all the new features in the Release Notes as well as download and test the free 5.4 Lite edition.

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio™ 5.4

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio™ is the most powerful machine vision software. It is based on data-flow and comes with a comprehensive set of image analysis filters. Typical applications include industrial quality inspection and robot guidance.

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Zebra Aurora Vision Library™ C++, .NET

Zebra Aurora Vision Library™ is a modern C++ and .NET Library™ created for industrial image analysis applications. There are over 1000 functions for general image processing as well as high level tools for such tasks as template matching, measurements or code reading.

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Zebra Aurora Deep Learning™

Zebra Aurora Deep Learning™ is an additional set of ready-made tools based on deep neural networks. It comes with an easy training GUI. Under the hood, it uses WEAVER, an industrial-grade inference engine.

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