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Software for Machine Vision Engineers


Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio 5.3 is data-flow based software designed for machine vision engineers. It does not require programming skills, but it is still so powerful that it has been used in many of the most demanding vision systems.

The architecture is highly flexible, ensuring that users can easily adapt the product to the way they work and to specific requirements of any project.

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Why Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio?

  • Because you develop vision systems much faster than with low-level programming.
  • Because this is the most powerful graphical software on the market.
  • Because you are getting everything you need for industrial image analysis – together with the highest performance and flexibility.
  • Because the world is changing and new challenges require new approaches.


Visual Environment

With Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio you create complete machine vision applications without coding. Just select filters (tools) from Toolbox and connect them in a visual editor. Then, drag & drop filter outputs to data previews and run the program. In a similar fashion you can also create an HMI. See how easy the environment is:

Professional   SMART   HMI Designer

Features: Intuitive

Drag & Drop

All programming is done by choosing filters and connecting them with each other. You can focus all your attention on computer vision. For a quick demo see Your First Program video tutorial.

You can see everything

Inspection results are visualized on multiple configurable data previews; and when a parameter in the program is changed, you can see the previews updated in real time.

HMI Designer + Events

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces and thus build the entire machine vision application using a single software package.

Features: Powerful

1000 effective filters

There are over 1000 ready-for-use machine vision filters tested and improved in hundreds of applications. They have many advanced capabilities such as outlier suppression, subpixel precision or any-shape region-of-interest.

Hardware acceleration

The filters are aggressively optimized for the SSE/AVX/NEON technologies and for multicore processors. Our implementations are ones of the fastest in the world (as can be seen in the Performance section).

Loop, conditions & more

There is no coding, but you can still create custom and scalable program flows. Loops, conditions and subprograms (macrofilters) are realized with appropriate data-flow constructs in the graphical way. Version 5.0 also adds parallel programming.

Features: Adaptable

GigE Vision and GenTL

Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio is a GigE Vision compliant product, supports the GenTL interface, as well as a number of vendor-specific APIs. Thus, you can use it with most cameras available on the market, including models from Allied Vision, Basler, Baumer, Dalsa, FLIR, Matrix Vision, Photon Focus and XIMEA.

User filters

You can use user filters to integrate your own C/C++ code with the benefits of visual programming. It takes 30 seconds to build first user filter and 5 seconds to update one after recompilation. This video shows how easy and straightforward it is.

C++ and .NET Generators

Programs created in Studio can be exported to C++ code or to .NET assemblies. This makes it very easy to integrate your vision algorithms with applications created in C++, C# or VB programming languages.


full functionality
simplified inspections
non-commercial use
for students & enthusiasts
Library of tools

Adaptive Vision Library


Adaptive Vision Library


Adaptive Vision Library



Support period 1 year 6 months None None
Data-flow program editor Yes No Yes Yes
Simplified program editor Option Yes Option Option
Macrofilters (subprograms) Yes Without tasks Yes Yes
User Filters (C++) Yes No No No
Industrial image aquisition Yes One camera Watermarked Yes
Digital I/O Yes Yes No No
HMI Designer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separate runtime licensing Yes No No No
Continuous program execution Yes Yes 60 minutes Yes
SIMD-based optimizations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multicore-based optimizations Yes Yes Yes Yes
C++ Code Generator Option No No No
Export to .NET technology Yes No No No
Parallel Tasks Option No No No
Export encrypted runtime executables Yes No No No

What's new in 5.0?

Released in August/September 2020, the 5.0 version of Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio came with some really big changes and plenty of exciting new features, both of which could be divided into two main themes. The first theme is the simplified development, under which we have added new features specifically targeted at the end users and more simple applications. The other theme are powerful features for advanced users who create big, multi-camera and highly interactive systems. Here are the top new features:

Powerful formulas

Formulas has been here for years, but with version 5.0 they can replace vast majority of auxiliary filters. This is possible with many new functions for arrays, geometry and with new array execution of expressions (in some programming languages this is called broadcasting)

Program sections

Instead of creating the program structure with macrofilters, now you have four standard sections in one view: INITIALIZE, ACQUIRE, PROCESS and FINALIZE which correspond to program initialization, image acquistion, data processing and things that should happen when the program is being closed.

Improved Results control

This new control is for easy definitions of Pass/Fail criteria. You just select a filter and you set ranges for its numeric outputs.

The Results control also collects and displays statistics such as Pass/Fail counters, average, minimal and maximal values.

Parallel Tasks

It became possible to run several macrofilters (worker tasks) in parallel. This creates many new possibilities, including handling asynchronous communication and optimizing processing of images coming from multiple cameras.

HMI Events

An Event Handler is a macrofilter that gets executed when an event occurs. This may be things like button click or change to a parameter. This new feature greatly simplifies creation of highly interactive HMI and allows for better separation of the HMI from the main program loop.

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