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Quality Assurance

In order for Adaptive Vision Studio and Adaptive Vision Library to meet the highest standards we practise constant and thorough software quality assurance process. Tests are performed throughout the whole development cycle with help of modern and established tools.

An extract from program model C# unit tests

Automated Tests

Thanks to the use of Continuous Integration (CI), new versions of Adaptive Vision software are built every day and each such version undergoes a series of automated tests which are run on multiple machines. Reports from these tests are then delivered by e-mail to the development and testing team. Different types of tests are used to assure the quality of various aspects of Adaptive Vision software.

The following tests are performed:

  • Library unit tests
  • Program model unit tests
  • Program tests
  • C++ and .NET code generation tests
  • Performance tests
  • Official examples' tests
  • GUI tests

Infrastructure for Continuous Integration

Manual Tests

Manual tests are performed before releases of stable versions but also in other phases of our software development process. Each change in code performed by a developer requires a responsible person from the quality assurance department who double checks new features and fixes.

Release Procedure

Stable versions which are to be released are maintained in separate SVN branches. Such versions undergo a release procedure which involves testing of hardware compatibility (e.g. with cameras) and exploration tests. This helps to deliver a quality product to the users.