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Studio for OpenCV

The easiest way to use OpenCV

Studio for OpenCV uses the graphical programming environment of Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio, but the library of tools is replaced with the functions from the free OpenCV library.

It provides you with a comfortable environment to experiment with the OpenCV tools—no code needed! Just insert the block into the program, pull the views data, and set the parameters in the properties panel.

Prototyping applications based on the OpenCV library has never been easier.

Download Studio for OpenCV

What do we bring to the OpenCV community?

  • You can create & prototype OpenCV based applications much faster than with textual programming.
  • No programming skills needed, you can learn the capabilities of the OpenCV library in an easy & fun way!
  • Design, build and also test a HMI interface for your OpenCV application in just a few clicks. It's easy!

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Build things in a visual way

Drag & Drop

All programming is done by choosing filters and connecting them with each other. You can focus all your attention on developing your application and having fun!

You can see everything

Inspection results are visualized on multiple configurable data previews; and when a parameter in the program is changed, you can see the previews updated in real time.

HMI, loops, formulas & more

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces using the in-built HMI Designer, whereas loops, conditions formulas and subprograms (macrofilters) allow you to build advanced programs easily.

Efficient learning

Studio for OpenCV comes with a number of short off-line program examples, aimed at helping you learn the capabilites of the OpenCV library in a fun & easy way. Discover, what you can achieve using the OpenCV library while mastering the visual environment of a profesional, market-leading machine vision software at the same time!