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Adaptive Vision Library – Lite Edition


Adaptive Vision Library Lite (AVL Lite) is a C++ image processing library based on Adaptive Vision Library Professional. It is free to use, including commercial applications, but its functionality is limited to fundamental operators which are available also in other free libraries like OpenCV or CImg. The advanced and ready-made tools dedicated for industrial applications become available after upgrading to AVL Professional.

AVL Lite is designed for:

  • OEM companies looking for a royalty-free library as a basis for creating own, application-specific vision algorithms (yet with an option to upgrade to advanced functions in some projects).
  • Commercial users of Adaptive Vision Studio who create custom image analysis steps through User Filters.
  • Students and machine vision enthusiasts looking for free library with support for popular machine vision cameras.


AVL Lite provides the following functionality:

General features:

Download AVL Lite for free:

Adaptive Vision Library 5.0 Lite for Linux Beta
Adaptive Vision Library 5.0 Lite Beta
Adaptive Vision Library 4.12 Lite for Linux
Adaptive Vision Library 4.12 Lite
Adaptive Vision Library 4.11 Lite
Adaptive Vision Library 4.11 Lite for Linux

If you want to try Adaptive Vision Library Professional, please contact our distributors.