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Project Management


To make cooperation with our customers as, we provide a set of collaboration tools, which includes:

  • Online "User Area" service for license management
  • FTP server for file exchange
  • Subversion (SVN) server for cooperative project development
  • Project Kaiser online service for issue resolution (in case of bigger projects)

User Area

In the User Area our customers can see the licenses that they own. There are three groups: open, pending and assigned licenses. The first group contains licenses, or license packs, that have been bought, but have not been used so far. The second group is for license requests, and the last one is for licenses that have already been assigned to specific machines.

User Area

Project Kaiser

In case of large-scale cooperations we offer a possibility to move from email-based communication to a more systematic issue tracking system, Project Kaiser. In this system, each request, problem or bug has its separate item with description, workflow, assigned persons and the complete history of discussion and resolution. This system makes it possible for the client to monitor the development progress and assures that all problems are separately solved with minimum communication overhead.

Project Management with Project Kaiser