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WEAVER is a high performance inference engine for machine vision. It executes your deep neural networks on both nVidia GPU and Intel CPU with the highest performance. Being a fully commercial product, it assures industrial grade quality and long-term support.


  • 3 times faster
  • No Python code
  • Long-term support
  • Ease of use


Ease of use

Most of the other inference engines require you to do the Python programming and tweak many things. WEAVER is different. He only does two things: (1) model optimization, (2) execution. All you need to deliver is your H5 network file (Keras output). Moreover, when you create your solution with Adaptive Vision Studio, WEAVER is already employed in three ready-to-use deep learning tools.

Long-term support

The fast pace of development in the field of deep learning is not particularly helpful in developing real-world systems. Most of our customers require long-term support and stable availability of the components they use. WEAVER solves that. He is independent of the open-source frameworks, eliminates Python code and provides long-term support for commercial projects.